• Tristan Jensen

Put The Kettle On

By Tristan Jensen

I like to think of myself as someone who is fairly driven and self-starting. I reckon a lot of this has to do with my personality. I really enjoy being busy and having something to work towards. Although I fill a full-time pastoral position, I often thrive on to-do lists and new challenges and projects. Talk about vision and ambition and I’m there. As exciting as this all is, it comes with a challenge. I struggle to take time out and rest adequately.

A few months ago, I was having my morning cup of coffee, busy taking some time out to wait on God. I needed some direction and insight and I was expectant. It wasn’t long until I distinctly heard the phrase “Put the kettle on”. I instantly knew it was God, partly because these phrases don’t come to me often, and it was the furthest thought from what my mind could have hinted to me at the time.

I was aware of the Holy Spirit was whispering to me in this moment. I was intrigued by the phrase. As I spent some time mulling it over, I sensed the Lord telling me that it was a season for me to set my affection on him above everything else. I had become so good at doing things for God, that I had forgotten what it meant to set my affection on him.

Colossians 3:2 reminds us to set our affection on things above. But how do we set our minds on Him, and on the things of God? Well over the last few months, God has been revealing some ideas to me about how to apply this in my life. I’d like to briefly share some practical things that have helped me to set my affection on God.


Sometimes I can be so focused on presenting my requests to God, and completely forget about learning what it means to set my affection on Him. The primary role in our relationship should be that of worshipping and loving God, and learning to throw affection on him. He is worthy of your worship. In our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Sometimes we actually just need to stop and think upon him. His wonder, his wisdom, his provision, and his otherness. Before we step into requests to pray for, let’s enjoy him and love on him.


Many of us may use a car as a mode of transport. Either daily or from time to time. If we rely on public transport, we may also make use of an ‘infotainment system through our phones. What I have found is that commuting time is such a great opportunity to set my affection on him. It’s so easy to put on the radio or a playlist as we start our commute. I tend to enjoy listening to podcasts and these are often my go to. But sometimes we need to sense the Spirit in the moment, and rather take that time out to pray and seek him. To thank him, to talk to him, and to wait on him. It’s not easy at first, but it will be so rewarding. It’s amazing how God will sometimes drop a name on my heart during this time. Sometimes he may give me a word or a Scripture to share, but sometimes I know I just need to pray for them.


A great way to set our affection on God is to stir up thankfulness in our hearts. To learn what it means to constantly be in a thankful pose toward him. When I am thankful, I am humbled and at peace. I know his deep-seated joy and rest in his love and benevolence. Thankfulness propels me into a mindset of Christ. Into a place of humility, but also boldness.

And so there we have it. A few small thoughts that have been helpful to me over the past few months. To grow in affection and thankfulness, and sometimes to turn off the buzz, and just enjoy him for who he is. We will never regret it!

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