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  • Developing strategic relationships with key leaders, then leadership teams and ultimately with local churches.

  • Taking practical steps with church leaders in order to help them experience a heart connection with Immerse. Our desire is to impart into kingdom life which will reach a wider like-minded community.



  • By creating environments in which we teach on and demonstrate Spirit life. This includes a strong emphasis on the five-fold ministry and imparting into each other’s lives what we carry and walk in spiritually.



  • We are working on creating a body of material that expresses our core teaching relating to spirit-life, five fold ministry and a kingdom shaped ministry paradigm.

  • Part of this will be a teaching guide that articulates and inspires and enables people and churches to enter into the Immerse pattern.


  • Yearly conferences and Ministry Events

    • These serve to demonstrate the Kingdom Life through the five-fold pattern of ministry. They are a great introduction into the Immerse culture and an opportunity to experience a range of different ministries.
    • Events for pastors and leaders.  


  • Deliverance and Prophetic

    • Unblocking ‘wells’ in people’s lives to help them walk in their fullness. This includes prophetic prayer ministry over people, as well as deliverance ministry.
    • Training in prophetic ministry for leaders and churches to walk with an awareness of the dynamic leadership of the Spirit becoming sensitive to the voice of God in daily life.

  • Worship Team input

    • Helping worship teams to grow in facilitating Spirit-led worship times. This helps to create an atmosphere for the flow of ministry in the Spirit.
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