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Immerse's humble roots begun in 2007, when a couple of pastors and Church leaders decided to meet together for a time of teaching, ministering and refreshing. Back then, they decided to establish a network named 'Isaiah 58'. The gathering in 2007 was such a meaningful time, that it was decided to turn the event into an annual conference where pastors and church leaders were invited to come and receive, as well as to minister to each other. The amount of pastors that attended grew consistently and the name of the network eventually changed to be known as 'Immerse'. Immerse speaks of the intention to be 'immersed' in the Spirit and to live out a Spirit-filled life. Today, Immerse is a movement of like-minded pastors, church leaders, and churches, that desire to live a Spirit-filled life together. Apart from the conference, there are many other ministry and relational gatherings that take place across South Africa and beyond. We have recently also connected in with a Church in the UK, and we're excited to be building into new relationships.

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