With the extended lockdown and the uncertainty of religious gatherings being allowed, Immerse has decided that instead of our annual Conference we will use this opportunity to go online. As we all know, the world has changed, and while some things will stay the same, many things will be different. What these changes will be and how church leaders and churches will navigate these changes will be the topic our speakers will address.
We would like to invite you to join us online each Wednesday at 2.00pm from 27th May for four weeks. There will be worship, teaching and ministry each Wednesday. We will be using Zoom as a platform (Meeting ID: 977 9777 5588 Password: ImmerseCon). Church leaders and churches have an important role to play in their communities and in the nation. Change will come, but how it happens and how we respond to it is just as important as the change itself. There will be a need for strong spiritual leadership, people who not only understand the issues but have answers as well as wisdom and understanding from the Lord. Right now we have an opportunity to position ourselves and prepare ourselves for this task.
Most of us are using online platforms for ministry or work, and all of us are part of at least one WhatsApp group, if not more. One of the many advantages of this season is that we have a certain amount of flexibility to be at an event like this. Even if we were unable to be at an Immerse Conference, so many more people are able to be at an online event.


Please use this opportunity to invite colleagues and friends you know to join us each Wednesday. Closer to the time we will give more details as to what platform we will use and how you can join us.

Kind regards
John Basson
On behalf of the Immerse Team 



Leadership team: 
John Basson, Craig Duvel, Trevor Anderson, Sipho Zondi, Neil Smith, Tristan Jensen, Shelley Smuts, Kerry Stewart & Jason Humphreys

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